Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quick box corner fix-up

Don't you just hate it when a box's lid breaks in the corners? I HATE it! It can be a sentimental box or even just a puzzle or games box.
Well, here's my quick box corner fix up...

I love this box. A friend gave me a set of two and I just LOVE them! I keep lots of crafty odds and ends in here, but this lid has really been grating me lately.

So...I grabbed some glue, a small piece of twill tape (you can use anything really) and a button..
....And box lid corner is fixed. I love it!


The button goes nicely on this box but you could add a little fabric flower or whatever will go with your box.
Cheers, hope you all have a super week!


  1. I am going to start a blogger award called the Crafty Snob - and you're IT!! You are SO clever, you snob.... Well done, I was waiting for some arb solution with sticky tape as I scrolled down and you bowled me over with that stunning ingenuity. Good one, my friend. Chat later on skype xox

  2. Hi Raewyn, thanks for visiting my blog & for the lovely comments. Great idea to fix box corners, I usually use tape but it always comes undone :)