Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to make a fabric flower/brooch Tutorial

Somebody on the ilovestitches fb page asked me how to make these fabric flowers. How nice...I don't really have people asking me how to make stuff, so I'm rather chuffed to be able to be of some use. Here it is:
What you'll need:
scraps of fabric,
a needle and thread,
and a glue gun

1. Cut a strip of fabric (mine is about 3cm x 60cm, but you can make it whatever length or width you like) I've done a straight one and a scalloped one, just so you can see.
2. Cut two felt circles (one big, one small)

3. Do a rough stitch all the way across the length of the fabric. The stitches don't have to be even or the same length or anything. Make sure you've secured the thread at the start of your stitching, by knotting the thread or just stitching over the first stitch a few times. Stitch all the way to the end of your strip of fabric.

4. Pull the thread until you can't put it anymore, just don't break it - that'll amount to some major frustration.

5. Once you've done that...on the wrong side of the fabric, thread the needle through anywhere (have a look above) and do a few stitches to secure the thread and make sure it won't come loose - because could lead to frustration if that happens. (I can get so frustrated with stuff that I'll end up giving up on the project I'm busy with)

6. Stitch your fabric like above, to join the ends.

Putting it together:
Stitch your button onto the small circle,
glue the fabric flower onto the larger circle,
and then glue the small circle onto the fabric flower....

And....voila....a fabric flower!
Add a brooch pin to the back to make a brooch if you like, or attach it to a headband, or a bag. You could make some smaller ones and make little hair clips.
This should only take you about 10 minutes tops to make, if you don't get interrupted. And if you don't have a glue gun, go buy one. It's a great investment, you use it for so much (I think they only cost about $4 at the cheappy store)

Here's my ill little girl with the one on her headband. Mmmm....The pic does look a bit odd doesn't it? That's because I told her to put her head at an angle so I could balance the fabric flower on the headband so I could get a shot of it. I didn't glue it down because she wanted another one I had made on there.

So that's that then. If you have any questions, you're welcome to email me.
Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A giveaway

This amazingly super crafty craftiest of them all....Vanessa, from v&co, is having a very lovely giveaway. Go here to enter. You'll be happy you did! Be sure to have a browse around her blog. She has go the most amazing tutorials - I love her tutorials!

Hope you're all having a super week!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Little girls bags

I've just finished making these bags, made from scraps of fabric I had left over from making kindy sheets. I might even have enough to make another 2. I'm selling them for $11 each and each bag comes with a fabric and felt flower brooch - FREE! - all part of my plight to make homemade more affordable, which I do admit is rather difficult considering the amount of time put into making it. The bag is about 21.5cm wide and long. And the strap is about 40cm from the top of the bag to the shoulder. The inside of the bag is white.

The fabric flower looks lovely attached to the strap of bag!

Like it? Buy it HERE!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Just a note to say.........


Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cards in my shop

Finally....I've added more cards to my madeit store. I've decided to reduce my prices on everything in my shop. I seem to only sell a few things and then it goes really quiet. So I thought I would rather reduce my prices...sell....and keep busy, than just sell the odd thing here and there. Have you noticed how pricey some of these homemade things are on madeit and etsy? And yes..I know it is HANDMADE but still.... it should be affordable. I've decided I'm going to try do a bit of bargain hunting on madeit. Maybe it'll be a "under $20" thing or something like that. I'll start that this week some time.
In the are my latest cards!

These are all in my shop now....for $4.50 each.

Hope you're all having a fab week!