Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Worst Raffle Prize Ever!

It was my son's school concert and barbeque the other day. We had a great time and all the kids (all 46 of them) performed so well. What made it even better is that I won 2 raffle prizes and I had only bought 3 tickets. One was a "Camp Rock" stationary set and the other was a "Mighty Mender"...a little mending sewing machine. I was so excited to get home so I could open my mighty mending prize, and I was thinking it would make a great beginners sewing machine for my kids. Anyway.... so we open the thing and you won't believe it... but ALL of the accessories are missing, the whole lot... the attachment to put your thread on...and...there isn't even a bloomin' bobbin case... NOTHING! I mean, how do you sew without a freakin' bobbin? Obviously some bright spark mother thought it would be a good way to get rid of her junk, so she freely offered it as a raffle donation.
the machine is question
Come 27 January.... I shall be taking the not-so-mighty mender back to the school.. I'm going to plonk it down at the school steps and leave a big note saying.."Please take back your junk!" No... I probably won't.. I never have the guts to do these things! Maybe that can be one of my "New Years" lifestyle changes....BE MORE FIRM!
So I thought I'd ask...what very ridiculous or crazy thing have you received as a gift or a prize?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I feel like I've just come out of a battlefield...

A friend and myself have organised a baby shower for another "about to pop" friend.. and on this fine Tuesday, I decided that I wanted to do something special for her, and so had the idea to make her a nappy bag. I have come to realise that I am a bit of a last minute person and always think I can get the job done, no matter how big. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way and a lot of the time I fail hopelessly! I feel like I've been on a battlefield today... I can hardly remember today. I have pin pricks all over my fingers and there are millions of tiny bits of cotton lying all over the floor from doing loads and loads of unpicking! I even paid my 6 year old son $5 to clean the house - desperation if ever there was! Anyway.. I can proudly say that I have finished the nappy bag and after the war with it today.. it actually turned out alright. Hooray!

The nappy bag

Anyway..I'm off to have a long bath now, to rid my mind of pins and cotton and wrongly cut fabric and elastic that didn't want to work with me etc etc etc......