Sunday, March 27, 2011

To jump or not to jump.....

that is the question!
 I'm thinking about buying a jolly jumper for my almost 4 month old little cherub. These past few days I have been carrying my little girl on my hip all day long...and when she does sleep I quickly dash to do a bit of housework. Here is my current dilemma: 'baby on hip' + housework = no craft time. And man, that is just wrong!! Now I'm thinking more along the lines of, 'baby in jolly jumper attached to my sewing room door' = craft time. It sounds like a match made in heaven.  I'm just wondering though, will it cure her miseration? I play with her, sing songs to her, she lies and plays on her play mat under the mobile, and she has tummy time...but really, none of these last very long. She's happiest in her mommy's arms. 
So what are your thoughts on a jolly jumper? Do you think they're a good idea? Have you ever had one, and did your baby love it? Or do you think my little girl just needs a lot of cuddles at the moment and everything else should take a back seat for now? 


PS: I've just googled images of babies in their jolly jumpers, and those babies all look really happy - hee hee!


  1. Well I have three kiddies and I personally never had one....not for any reason but it was just one more child associated accessory that I didn't want to clutter the house with.

    However I had friends that swore by there jolly jumper. I do one time when my oldest was only about 6mths that she somewhere, somehow was tried in one and she hated it....screamed the entire time, so maybe that became the reason behind not owning one.

    Be sure to check the minimum age thing on the box. I totally understand the craft time or lack there is still a challenge in my house that is why I am a night owl.

  2. Definitely to JUMP! Those things are amazing and so long as your little cherub can see you she'll be happy (and so will you when you see how much fun she's having!). One day I gave a friend's baby a wooden spoon while he was in the jolly jumper and he had a ball whacking the door frames about ... hmmmm probably not a good idea in your new house LOL! Kylie :o)

  3. Oh your post made me laugh... I have had the same dilemma, only I was lent a Jolly Jumper by a friend! So I have it hanging in the doorway nearest the computer so I can blog... only trouble is my little monkey doesn't really like to jump... he just hangs! Its good for about 15 minutes in our house. I have a friend though whose little girl can spend half an hour or more in it and loves it so I'd definitely give it a go xxx

  4. Welcome back Raewyn!!!

    My eldest 2 boys loved the Jolly Jumper, my youngest (nearly 1) HATES! it. He cries when he sees it! My niece, who is 7 months old, loves it! She would spend all day in it!

    Even though the eldest loved it, they still got over it fairly quickly. This was painful, as (perhaps I have an older model) it is pain to get them in and out of!