Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm giving away some horrid fabric!

I was browsing an opshop the other day and came across what I think, is some very hidious fabric.... and then I bought it! What made me do this you may ask? Well.. I just thought that maybe somebody, anybody, might just like it! So here it is.. in all it's ugliness......
Who wants it?
When I first grabbed it, it looked like terry towelling through the plastic bag, but when I opened it at home, I discovered it was good ol' corduroy!

So, this awful piece of fabric has now become my giveaway. Mention in a comment what you would do with it.. and I'll pick the best one. If nobody has any use for it, I'll be dumping it! I can't stand the sight of it anymore!
Oh yes, it measures approximately 100cm x 30cm

and while you're at it.. take a look at this fab "girls dress patterns" giveaway!

Cheers, Raewyn


  1. Hi Raewyn...this fabric is quite quirky....if I won this fabric, I would do two things with I have a lime green quilt cover, I would make a cushion for my bedroom.....and with the remaining scraps I would use it in some art be a collage or something!

  2. Hi Raewyn, Hmmm, It's quite nice in an ugly kind of way. But I have no idea what I would do with it so I am out of the draw, tehehehe.

  3. Well I would make James a pair of bootleg trousers for next winter and if there's enough left over I would make him a bag to keep his plastic bugs in because those lines remind me of a spider's web. The colours are quite funky and retro.

  4. oh my! i do believe i am IN LOVE!
    what hideously gorgeous fabric! i think i would make a handbag with some sort of vintage bakelite buckle and maybe a birdie brooch, or a clutch, maybe some shorts for the little one....oh the possibilities are endless! LOVE!

  5. Hi Raewyn..not hideous here...i would tear it into strips and add it to my ever so slow collection for my rag rug (hooked) i am would work a treat...its gorgeous.
    It will look lovely as my collection is all organic/raw..denims etc..happy weekend :)