Saturday, October 17, 2009

My burpclothes were a hit! Yay!

burpcloth and onesie

The baby shower was great! I made the same gift for both ladies, but with different appliques on them. One with fish and the other with a bird on it. I took photos of the fish one but forgot to take of the bird one. They turned out really well, and everyone thought the gifts were really nice, so I'll definitely be making some to put in my madeit shop. I'm thinking of doing a tute on them as well.. maybe some time next week! Really enjoying my sewing these days... just a pain that I don't have my own room/space to sew in. Can't wait for our house to be built, so I can have a room of my own and don't have to clean up the dining room table for meal times!


  1. These are so cute....I can totally relate to working on the dining room table then having to clean up before the next meal (lol)....I now have a dedicated room for all my creations!

    P.S...Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. These are really lovely - hand appliqued or machine?

  3. Hi there lillipilli lane.

    They are hand appliqued. My embroidery machine is still in for repairs, so I decided instead of sitting around waiting for the thing, I would start doing some hand embroidery and applique. I must say... I'm liking the look of hand work more than machine work now! x