Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My First Tutorial Ever!!

I'm sitting here with a crazy little grin on my face because I am sooo excited to be doing my first little tutorial. I hope somebody out there thinks it's nice and might actually try it! I've made quite a few of these cushions and they really do make a great gift or keepsake!
Here goes....
Yesterday I was browsing in an op shop and found a few checked shirts that are great for making cushions. The best part about using a shirt is that if you use the buttoned part of the shirt for the cushion backing... then you don't have the mission of making the back close properly or neatly because it's already done for you!

1. Get yourself a shirt and chop it the width you want your cushion to be. Don't forget to leave some seam allowance, a 1cm will do!

It should look like this now...

2. Cut yourself 2 rectangles from the shirt. They need to be the same width as the backing.... and then cut yourself a big rectangle of plain cotton fabric to applique on. (mine's very creased, I know!)

I'm not giving measurements because you should just make it the size you want. It's rather eezy peezy once you've got the rectangle backing... Just measure off that. As long as you have your 1cm seam allowance, you should be fine!

3. Sew the the 3 rectangles to make up the front of the cushion. If you don't think the front and back of your cushion are the same size, just lie them right sides facing each other and trim where it needs to be trimmed.

4. I've done some applique on my cushion using felt and embroidery floss and embroidered a few stars onto it and added a few buttons.... There is so much you can do... Below are other examples of what you could do on your cushion!

5. Pin the back and front of cushion right sides facing each other, buttons must be facing in ..... then sew around the cushion, using a 1cm seam allowance. Turn it the right way round and there you have it! I've sewn a topstitch around the whole cushion (0.5cm from the edge) ... it just looks nice but it's not necessary!

Here are another 2 ideas for cushions.....

I made this cushion for my son by using one of his 'favourite but too small' t's for the middle panel of the cushion. You could use a part of a dress, blankie... whatever. It makes a super keepsake!

Another idea is embroidering a picture your child has drawn like I have done here. If you don't know how to embroider but want to learn, here is a great site!

Soooo... that's that then! Hope the tutorial was okay! Please leave any comments or criticism. I would love to hear from you! Raewyn xox


  1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Can't wait to go opshopping to get supplies for my cushions.

  2. Nice tute! I was thinking, you could use the top 'blouse half' and add a ruffled skirt and make a little dress too!:)

  3. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! I also really love your applique. I would love to learn more about that, buts thats on my list!

    So kind of you to share. Thank you!!
    Hmmm these will make gorgeous Christmas gifts.

  5. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!

  6. Very innovative! You've given us some ideas!

  7. cool I love it! well done and thanks for sharing! my little brain never ever thought of doing that!!!!!!!!!!!!! off to raid some shirts now and actually I tried on a cute pink esprit this morning that does up but must have shrunk (well no I've grown) and will be perfect!


  8. Wow! Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing xox

  9. Really great idea - I'm getting a sewing machine for Xmas, so might have to try it!

  10. Fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing.