Friday, October 9, 2009


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog

I've started this blog to... well... just to try keep up with the times! I look at so many blogs and think to myself, "hey, I want to do that"! And so here I am.. blogging!!

So.. the reason I'm doing this blog is actually to try and kick start my little home business called ilovestitches. I'm just starting out and have a shop @ I originally started out doing machine embroidery about 2 years ago, but my embroidery machine got damaged on our move from South Africa to Australia...which is a long, sad story that I will bore you with one day when I have nothing else to write here, and so the machine is now sitting at the techinician - unfixable! Amazingly, there is some good that has come out of it, that being, I have started doing much more sewing and I'm even doing some hand embroidery (beginner phase). And now my brain is in a mush because of all the ideas swarming around in this little head of mine!
I better get to work, so I can actually have something to put on this blog!


  1. Congrats on starting your Blog! You have a nice writing style and I reckon you will do well! Sorry to hear about your machine : (
    Thank u for visiting my blog!

  2. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! I get so unsure of myself sometimes and your comments have been so encouraging! Makes me feel like I might actually be getting something right!

  3. Sorry to hear about your machine :( We have a few friends that have come out from SA with some very sad stories....hugs to you. xox