Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Worst Raffle Prize Ever!

It was my son's school concert and barbeque the other day. We had a great time and all the kids (all 46 of them) performed so well. What made it even better is that I won 2 raffle prizes and I had only bought 3 tickets. One was a "Camp Rock" stationary set and the other was a "Mighty Mender"...a little mending sewing machine. I was so excited to get home so I could open my mighty mending prize, and I was thinking it would make a great beginners sewing machine for my kids. Anyway.... so we open the thing and you won't believe it... but ALL of the accessories are missing, the whole lot... the attachment to put your thread on...and...there isn't even a bloomin' bobbin case... NOTHING! I mean, how do you sew without a freakin' bobbin? Obviously some bright spark mother thought it would be a good way to get rid of her junk, so she freely offered it as a raffle donation.
the machine is question
Come 27 January.... I shall be taking the not-so-mighty mender back to the school.. I'm going to plonk it down at the school steps and leave a big note saying.."Please take back your junk!" No... I probably won't.. I never have the guts to do these things! Maybe that can be one of my "New Years" lifestyle changes....BE MORE FIRM!
So I thought I'd ask...what very ridiculous or crazy thing have you received as a gift or a prize?


  1. you GO girl. My New Year's motto is YGWYGD - You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do....

  2. When we bought our house the Real Estate gave us some wood salt and pepper grinders.... they are 50cm tall and have ELDERS carved into them.Hideous!

  3. Brusselsprouts... that is hilarious! Why would they think you would actually like that?

  4. Brusselsprouts, why don't you spray paint them a really funky retro colour like a bright lime green and they can be a 'feature' kind of thing?

  5. Oh you poor thing! I haven't received any crazy gifts of late....but all I can say is that kind of thing happens to me ALL the time....I generally buy something and it's generally faulty!

  6. :) Hi Raewyn I will only comment so long as there is no A Mighty Mender!!:/
    I say go with Kim's New Years Motto! I am gonna steal that one from her.
    My dear MIL seemed to know I had an aversion for that dull & ugly mission brown 70's/ 80's pottery so kept giving it to me for gifts, Every year I would just donate it to charity but when I got the pie dish with the 'fetus' looking pattern all over it, Enough was Enough, I smashed it and used it in a mini garden. ;) Looked great & so now I smash and re-hash!

  7. That is sooo funny Clare! Had a big laugh out loud!

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  10. HI...thanks for following my blog :)
    I think that I WOULD actually take it back to the school and tell them that it's of no use without the accessories hubby's grannie gives us the same thing EVERY year....she gives him socks for Christmas and I get a T towel and Ballerina dish she trying to tell me something :/

  11. This post made me SNORT out loud!!!
    I can't recall too many horror gifts but I do occasionally get some really awful costume jewelery (???) Goes straight to my daughter to play with or straight into the Bead drawer to be re-purposed.