Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A skirt for Miss Fussy...

I finally finished this skirt for my 4 year old daughter. She is so fussy when it comes to what she'll wear. She hardly ever wears a pair of jeans..because as she says, "It's not beautiful!". I've tried to persuade her by telling her we can make it look beautiful with a pretty top, but she never falls for it. I wonder where she gets it from. Definitely not from me, I'm such a sloppy dresser, although I am improving. Now I'm only sloppy at home and I actually dress decently to go to the shops. I even put make-up on. Back to my fussy daughter.... I remember when she was about 18 months old, she would scream the house down when I dressed her in what I wanted her to wear. I would have to lift her up so she could see what was hanging there and then she would choose what to wear! I am learning now that if something has flowers or butterflies or sparkles on it.. it is most likely classified as beautiful. She says the skirt I made for her is beautiful! last... a breakthrough for me!

In other news... I have sold 3 of my fabric cards. I am unbelievably happy! I have listed a few more in my madeit shop. I'm hoping I can actually get somewhere with selling this year and selling these 3 cards has given me great motivation to carry on doing what I'm doing!

Hope you all have a super day!


  1. That skirt is sooo cute and I love the cards too! Now that you know where I'll be working make sure you say hello if you come into the shop. It will be in Gardentown and it's opening on the 18th of this month.

  2. Love that skirt! I wish I had a daughter!

  3. This is a really nice elegant little piece. Congrats. Love the delicate lace trim and details.